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Puff offers solutions for the smokers of the third millenium, developing safe, certified and cool products.

PUFF is a chain of stores specialized in sale of solutions for the digital smoke, and more.

In 2013 Puff introduced indeed Puff Caffè, highest quality product, certified with the mark of Eccellenza Artigiana Piemontese.


• Puff, since many years, the market leader, and has a total know how in the range of personal vaporizers;

• For the solidity of a network that involves several stores opened in Italy and abroad;

• For the liquids, made in Italy in owned factories, that have received the best rating of appreciation thanks to the continuous 

   investments in R & D.

• For our personal vaporizers, provided with conformity certificates issued by accredited Italian laboratories, that offer the latest

   technologies and italian design, ideal for retail;

• For the strong marketing background of the company, for adv campaigns planned at national level and for the support

   of the press office, that increases every day the PUFF visibility and the perception of the general public

   through the mass-media.

• Because, thanks to the training courses and the continuous updates, Puff Store are operated by highly skilled personnel

   able to provide targeted advice.


Featuring hundreds of stores opened and being opened, PUFF knows very good what are the elements and the features that a store must have to be successful:

RELATIONSHIPS WITH CUSTOMERS: The care for the needs of each sinle client is the way to the profit;

LOCATION: the location of the store must be well focused on our parameters;

PUBBLICITA’: Investing in local advertising, in the city where the store is open, is an absolutely necessary strategic activity


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