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Made in Italy has always been a hallmark of excellence and quality that represents and identifies the best products in the world. Puff has made its line of liquids the flagship of its fleet of products, only offering products manufactured in Italy.

This rooted concept gave birth to those that are probably the best liquids for electronic cigarettes on the market today: PUFF IT.

Entirely manufactured in Italy with Italian pharmaceutical grade Vegetable Glycerol (FU/USP), Italian pharmaceutical grade Propylene Glycol (FU/USP) of vegetable origin (certified GMO free), European pharmaceutical grade nicotine (FU/USP) and food flavorings of molecular extraction. All of our liquids are analyzed (both with and without nicotine) by external laboratories that certify the quality and for each there are technical and material safety data sheets (IATA compliant) always available to the authorities.

The analysis carried out on liquids are: high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gas chromatography combined with mass spectrometry (GC/MS). The latter analysis takes into account the liquid vaporized by an electronic cigarette and puts it in comparison with the HPLC analysis.

The result of the comparison must not find harmful molecular alterations, otherwise the device can not be placed on the market. The GC/MS analysis is not required, but PUFF performs it anyway in order to be sure that the same liquid contained in the Puff It refills arrives to customers just as PUFF designed it, pure and good.

The COMPACT  are the concentrated aromas used to give flavor to the liquid.

COMPACT is the concentrated aromas used to give flavor to the liquid.

NBASE (20g bottles) is the neutral nicotine-free liquid which is the base for the ready liquids without nicotine.

NPOWER (20g bottles) is the neutral liquid with nicotine (4, 8 and 16mg/g) which is the base for the ready liquids with nicotine.

Flavourt availables: Choco; Cup Cake; Mou; Watermelon; Marron Glacè; Cola; Pineapple; Banana; Energy; Green Apple; Liquorice; Spearmint; Violet; Anise;  Strawberry;
The first step in the world of vaping.
The real benchmark,
the first step in the world of vaping
with the best liquids in the market,
totally made in Italy
in a vaste range of flavors.
Keen Tobacco (Natural Tobacco - aroma directly extracted from food grade denicotinized tobacco leaves - resembling rolling tobacco).

Mavri Tobacco (Sweet tobacco - tobacco flavored with vanilla).

Birchen Tobacco (Dry tobacco - tobacco smoked with birch).

Irish Cloud (Coffee Cream - Cream and Coffee aromas).

Reglisse (Liquorice and anise).

Fresh (Menthol).

Menly (liquorice and mint).

Island (coconut).

Tony Cotina (cinnamon)
A new concept where electronic smoke becomes art.

Puff has put together experience and knowledge in the world of vapers, searching for an effective synthesis able to develop the right taste.

Thus avatar liquids are born,ART OF VAPING.

A new frontier where flavor is conceived to be the design of solid forms, to get a determined sensory effect.

Flavors reveal resonances and evoke sensations.

Taste-design applied for a different way of perceiving the essences and for a lasting sensory memory.


Lively taste, sparkling sensation, fresh perception of red fruit
Red like a night of passion, like the fruity notes of this liquid.
You all be finally surprised by its sparkling and lively shades.


Complex, sweet sensations, creamy perception of cedar.
A mixture that returns the warmth and harmony of a home-made cake, covered with candied citrus, savored in the warmth of a fireplace.


Delicate, fresh taste, a fruity perception of pear.
Close your eyes and taste this compact and juicy fruit while it melts in your mouth.
Enjoy its sweet consistency and surprise yourself with its fresh notes.


Intense. warm and full sensation, sharp and full-bodied perception of bitter almond.
A liquid evoking the image of a pub soffused with gentle light, while a jazz tune lingers in the background, accompanied by a fine liquor and lazy curls of warm, full-bodied smoke , unwinding against the light.
Only Puff could further improve its own liquids.

Directly from the Puff labs, here are Puff It Riserva, liquids for electronic cigarettes that will
revolutionize everything.

Through a natural and innovative process of extraction of the aromas, PUFF IT RISERVA liquids are able to express aromatic notes incredibly faithful to those of traditional tobaccos.

American blend, with a prevalence of Virginia tobacco and an important presence of Burley and Oriental. It has a strong taste and a soft aftertaste.

Turkish blend, with a prevalence of Oriental tobacco and an important presence of Virginia. It has a more linear and smooth taste, constant both during inspiration and expiration

Blend of various Virginia tobaccos, it has a spicy taste and a strong aromatic note. Inspired by rolling tobaccos.

A mixture of different types of cigar tobacco with a strong taste.

A great tobacco flavoured liquid, with notes of Virginia. The Oriental tobaccos are clearly felt, together with a body of Kentucky flavour. The aroma of this special tobacco remains persistent throughout the aspiration.

These are two complementary liquids; they can be combined with each other. The first is softer, the second is stronger. The same consumer can dedicate himself to one or the other liquid in the same day.

A journey through the magic of an ancient world, beautifully recreated in the details of these aromas.

Exceptional liquids, dedicated to real vapers,
with percentages of PG/VG (30/70) for true connoisseurs.
Unforgettable aromatic notes and maximum yield.

The Long Run are available in gradations of nicotine 0, 6, 12, 18mg/g


The sweetness of dark liquorice refreshed by notes of mint and the sweet aftertaste of strawberry.

The natural sweetness of vanilla and the sweetness of the apple, underlined by a bouquet of spices.

The warm taste of Cuba with pounded mint leaves
and juice of lime.

A vanilla liquid, very satisfactory in this 30PG/70VG solution, suitable for the advanced user, searching for stronger experiences.
The new line of liquid high VG



Aroma of ripe strawberries, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream.

The liquid that suggests a moment to sit back, relax and enjoy the perfect milkshake that children will return.

The secret? Pistachio ice cream.

A liquid unique, able to blend the freshness and creaminess of ice cream with the taste and pungent roasted pistachio.

The magic of perfect fluid, the sweet taste of strawberry, tart flavor of cranberries and all the freshness of watermelon, combined with a creamy base and rich in taste, create a mixture that is addictive. .