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PUFF only offers high quality, certified and controlled products. The attention to details and the technological innovation that always distinguished PUFF electronic cigarettes are synonymous of constant research and development.

All Puff customers know that electronic cigarettes are manufactured in China, but they are also aware that when a Puff branded product arrives to the store, their only concern is to choose their favorite color and look. PUFF takes care of everything else. But what is exactly “everything else”? It's “simply” a meticulous care on the entire production process, from the selection of the raw materials to factory training, from the best food paint to the hundreds of tests on every single product.

The CE compliance (European Conformance – meets all the Community provisions) and RoHs (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) are mandatory and have to be verifiable at any time by the competent control bodies.

Before heading the production stage, each model of PUFF cigarette undergoes a gas chromatography combined with a mass spectrometry (GC / MS) which, as described in the "liquid" section, enables to determine the correct functioning of an electronic cigarette.


The model of PUFF electronic cigarettes available today are: AVATAR2, X1, HOLA, QHIT and AVATAR (first release).

Completely different modular designs available in 5/6 colors with various battery lives and filters for a total of over 1,000 different combinations. This is the strength of PUFF: customization and quality, demands that are essential for today's market.


AVATAR 2.0 aims to be a step ahead in the world of electronic cigarette, designed and developed entirely by management Puff with the goal of wanting to be the evolution of a species.

The fine lines and elegant encounter an innovative soul, looking to the future not only to design but also to technology.

Example is the new chip that allows the timing of charging much lower compared to other electronic cigarettes or finishing in the paint ceramic "CERAMIC FEEL", which guarantees the persistence of the color over time and easy cleaning. The presence of side leds provides us in real time the state of charge of the battery.

The battery capacity is 550 mAh for a mean duration of 5 hours depending on the timing of stand-by and use. Kits available in three colors: White, Black and Stainless Steel.




X1 is the Italian e-cig designed by Pino Spagnolo.

X1 is the first electronic cigarette engineered, designed and developed entirely by Puff. An exclusive product, intended to conquer new customers and loyal customers, thanks to its elegance and class.

It is available in two different colors: black and white, with a very high standard accessories, to conquer any type of electronic smoker.

The battery capacity is 500 mAh for a duration of 5 hours, depending on the timing of standby and usage.




The small Puff authomatic cigarette; with its 21 grams of weight and 116 mm of lenght, Hola is THE cigarette.

Hola is practical, functional, with a very minimalist design.

 The battery capacity is 200 mAh for a duration of 3 hours, depending on the timing of standby and usage.





QHIT is the classic model, a world bestseller. With batteries capacity from 350 mAh to 1.100 mAh, the average battery life varies from 4 hours to several days, depending on the time of stand-by and use. Three colors available: black, white, steel with an integration for the range, which varies from season to season. Many accessories available, with the same colors, from cigarette holders to carrying cases. QHIT's strength lies in convenience and functionality and allows any smoker to transpose his habits without any difficulty.







AVATAR born as the PUFF flagship cigarette thanks to its design and engineering made in Italy. AVATAR represents true elegance, a sophisticated model with an ergonomic and stylish design, an object that must be worn in the most important happenings as a part of yourself, an high-tech accessory made to be shown.


The batteries capacity are 2: 360mAh aon the time of stand-by and use. Six colors available: black, white, red, steel, blue, pink and green; the same colors are also available for all the compatible filters. Many accessories are available for this model as well, with the same colors, from cigarette holders to carrying cases.