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Small, powerful, Italian design.

Two battery models marked Q, 1200 mAh and 2200 mAh
with 510 thread and spring gold pin.
Both giving a maximum power of 32 W at a steady voltage of 3,7 V.

Two cartomizer (1,8 ml to 2,5 ml according to exigences), with OCC coils available from 0.5 to 1.5 ohm.


Entirely conceived and developed with the aim of making it the evolution of the species.

Color display, automatic and manual operating mode.
Thanks to the automatic mode you can choose between 5
power levels, automatically recognize the mounted cartom and adjust the 5
power levels according to the resistance used.

Thanks to the manual mode you can customize Wattage and Voltage as desired.



Avatar 2.0 wants to be a step forward in the world of electronic cigarette; conceived and developed entirely by PUFF team for the purposes of being the evolution of the species.

Its fine and elegant shape embraces an innovative spirit, looking at the future in terms of design and technology.
An example of innovation is the new chip, allowing a charging time which is neatly shorter if compared with other electronic cigarettes, or the finishing in ceramic paint "CERAMIC FEEL", guaranteeing a long lasting color and easy cleaning.

The lateral leds indicate the charging status in real time.


From the style and technical know-how acquired with Avatar 2 we have created AVATAR GT, the first Vape Power Series (VPS) in the Puff family.
Its Made in Italy design frames the best technology and versatility available today, with an integrated 1600 mAh battery, variable voltage
(3,2V - 3,8V - 4,3V), LED indicating theremaining charge and recharge via microUSB port.


Is the classic model, a world bestseller. With batteries capacity from 350 mAh to 1.100 mAh, the average battery life varies from 4 hours to several days, depending on the time of stand-by and use.

Three colors available: black, white, steel with an integration for the range, which varies from season to season. Many accessories available, with the same colors, from cigarette holders to carrying cases.

QHIT's strength lies in convenience and functionality and allows any smoker to transpose his habits without any difficulty.

The battery QHIT has entered micro USB for convenient charging and is also available FRONTAL CHARGE, to be used in pairs to PUFF STATION.
The exclusive PUFF STATION 1500 mah and Italian design signed DEMO INDUSTRIAL DESIGN to recharge the batteries special QHIT FRONTAL CHARGE.